November 2018



Tokyo is a vibrant buzzing place and each time I've walked thru I discover something new. On the last two trips including this one in November 2018, I opted for several walking tours to explore not only familiar or unfamiliar places but new perspectives from the local guide. I started this excursion with an architecture walking tour and was able to go down streets I hadn't been on yet revisit buildings I saw the first architecture walking tour in October 2016.

It was a gray rainy few days lending to white skies yet lovely evening reflections on the damp asphalt. I have been a wabi sabi purveyor for many years and this trip so far I found some lovely examples.

night wabi sabi
100 year old sweetshop 3gens
meiji tori in the rain
meiji jinga in the rain
izakaya off beaten path
night walk shibuya
izakaya walk
izakaya alleys
neon wabi sabi