Sendai Hospitality

Why staying in a hostel while traveling at any age is a really great experience.

I love trains even more than I ever did once I was able to experience traveling with the JR Pass in Japan and most especially the Shinkansen. There are several tips you must follow including not lining up until almost the precise time that the train will arrive otherwise you'll likely get on the wrong train. The timing and efficiency of this system is notorious. You also must stand away from the door that will open directly in front of this mark (that's how precise they are able to stop) so that people can exit the train quickly allowing others to embark in just the right amount of time for the train to close it's doors and depart.

Another fun part of the train travel in Japan besides looking at the scenery are the snacks you can buy on board or at convenience kiosks in the stations if not the many 7-11 or Family Mart shops everywhere. I really love the Onigiri that you can find in the convenient stores as breakfast along with a fresh Mochi or sometimes Daifuku.

This goes by fast on the escalator, but it is funny.

On this day in 2015, we had spent about an hour wandering around the city of Utsunomiya with our luggage stored in a locker to alleviate the load. We are on our way to Sendai where we will stay for two nights at the Sendai Guest House. Hostels provide a really unique experience as you most often will meet other travelers and have an affordable accommodation option which allows you to travel on a budget. Each hostel has a unique characteristic.

Once we arrived in Sendai, we walked to our hostel, but stopped for Indian food along the way. You can definitely break up the routine of cuisine while traveling in Japan. This was scrumptious.

The hospitality at this hostel was definitely palpable. There were other guests there and you can join in a group dinner. Sleeping in bunk beds at any age can really bring the youthful energy and excitement of childhood. This hostel was tucked away off a main street and had really great design and architecture. Guest House Umebachi in Sendai has a good website that showcases the hospitality and design of the place.

We joined for a group dinner of Japanese curry. And also enjoyed some sake and socializing with the staff and other guests. They even showed Kristie how to play a traditional game. Tomorrow we venture to Yamagata and have one more night stay here.

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