Why does this subject matter excite me so much to document my travels through random photographs absent of humans? I would suggest that these are actually representative of human interaction in a delightful way that captures a specific time and place. The way the human has left their possession in a certain position, against a certain wall with a certain color or texture, and the light at just that moment that I walk by whether it casts a shadow or a night time glow.

For example the large image below, this to me is absolute magic. It couldn't have been planned any differently. The colors of the bicycles mimic the colors in the graffiti tags. It gives me chills of excitement. This is encapsulates my philosophy of being a wonder wanderer and embracing the accidental adventure. It's taking a break from group activities to walk around and make new discoveries. The positioning of the bikes captures my heart too, just look at the way the handle bar is just in the middle of the 'o' and the dance the two bicycles make with each other, the way the architectural lines reinforce the black seat of the purple bike and the rusted rear carrier element on the right. It's a moment in time in late May 2016 that won't ever be exactly the same ever again.

The rest of the images in this section are group portraits. Collections of individual collective whether they be scattered, aligned, or overlapping in their communal relationship are a reinforcement of capturing a particular moment in time and place.

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