These lovely little structures are everywhere in Copenhagen and although they are a subtle addition to the streets and urban landscape they provide a unique forum for public postings and the guerilla style stickering mentioned in the last blog post. Continuing my theme and the philosophy of this blog about the art of accidental adventure, this image sums up my fascination and insatiable appetite for the random discoveries in time and place. This image in particular made me gasp, get goosebumps, and stop in my tracks. I know most people may find this weird, but I couldn't resist so I'll explain why I love this so much. Let's start with the bright yellow poster attracting attention. That poster was pasted elsewhere but this one is ripped. Underneath there are remnants of past posters which makes my heart skip a beat when I see a subtle hint of a former yellow resident. Then atop the structure is not only a yellow liquid but a yellow golden piece of paper perhaps once containing street food. Then to my delight was the golden light emanating from the doorway and the golden cigarette butts which would normally annoy or disgust me in this case I see as a beautiful composition. Marcel Duchamp in 1917 challenged the notion of traditional art and the traditions of the 'academy' when he entered a urinal as an art object into an exhibition. The Dadas were fascinated by and embraced the material culture of mass production from utilitarian objects to reusing printed ephemera in their collages. Perhaps my own fascination with the urban grime and human impact on space in it's imperfections and randomness is a result of the Dada wave of energy over a 100 years.

The pursuit of documenting this beauty over the 10 days of exploration became a minor obsession. I found remnants in patterns, colors, overlapping imagery, color relationships and juxtapositions. These are examples of my fascination with wabi sabi in the art of accidental adventure.