No matter what one's opinion is regarding graffiti and urban guerilla style street art, it is an example of contemporary society and an individual's creative spirit. There are historical examples of individuals marking their presence at a particular site dating back centuries including on Egyptian historical structures but typically these were exclusively names and dates etched or drawn on the surface. A contemporary outlet of having large surfaces to experiment and express one's style should not be solely relegated to the more 'elite' or traditional artist in a studio with the financial resources for large canvases. What's fascinating in Copenhagen is the juxtaposition between sanctioned public art as mentioned in Copenhagen Stories or the use of the public space for advertising purposes with the wheat paste poster with the surreptitious and spontaneous application of small scale sticker guerilla style art or larger scale spray painted graffiti. This post will focus primarily on the smaller scale integration into the street scene. These are typically adhered to metal signs or posts as well as the utility boxes at the ground level. I imagine that most people pass by these but never really notice, but I find the spontaneity and uniqueness of the notions of time and space as a beautiful sense of human spirit.

In an historic city such as Copenhagen with most of the architecture in the city center being from a previous historical styles of the 16th - 19th centuries, the integration of modernization is found within the electrification and transit system including, but not limited to street signs and posts. I personally love the contrast between the industrial, the architecture, and the graphic ephemera of the stickers. The gallery below also documents the place and time with the art of accidental adventure in the particular moment in time with the surrounding environment whether it be a bike riding by or a bike parked, the traffic or just the time of day creating a certain aspect of light on the architecture.

The last gallery series are more cropped versions of my discoveries found while wonder wandering through the streets of Copenhagen over a 10-day period May 2016. When collected as a series I'm looking at the colors, textures, composition, randomness, the wabi-sabi of the wear of the environment as well as the randomness (upside down, sideways, chopped, peeling...) and imperfections (also wabi-sabi). I;ve arranged the following by a row of greens and a row of reds.