COPENHAGEN stories on the streets

Stories on the streets of Copenhagen? I was very impressed with the amount of public art on the streets of this city and most of it storytelling about members of the local society. From the older people expressing what they miss most at their age to the photographs of people's interior home spaces to the profiles of the workers helping to build the infrastructure for the construction of the metro, this was an impressive way of building community. Studying storytelling and community since graduate school, this method of public art is something to strive for and could potentially be one of the components this culture is documented as one of the 'happiest' places. In addition to the personal stories, the interactive and artistic displays on the construction walls throughout were delightful interruptions of the walks and added for much surprise in the accidental adventuring. From the giant woodblock table tops (painted but so real) to the geometric blocks to the black and white organic illustration and photographic collage, these walls were more interesting in fact that the local architecture in many ways. It also signified a belief and support of the arts in recognizing a severe disruption in the daily life of the citizens with the long-term dig projects. The first wall I came across on the first day was probably the most interesting of them all which was the interactive display of faces and eyes in the plaza of city hall. The second interactive display that the group came across on the first day was also quite interesting - a wheel of activities inviting the user to play along for a recommendation of spontaneity and accidental adventuring of their own. Kudos to Copenhagen.

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