This series as part 3 of the blog posts is portraits of bikes. The human owners are not present in body, but their impact and spirit is evident.

Their individuality emanates from the aesthetic choices they've made from the color and style to the accessories. My excitement that comes from these discoveries is in the happy accidents; the embracing of randomness and moments of pure time and place coincidences; the beauty I see in the randomness of colors, textures, lighting and sometimes placement. As I walked thru the streets of Copenhagen it was sometimes hard to discern which bikes were abandoned and which had current owners. I wondered if people often parked their bikes and then forgot where they left them like one would possibly do with a car in a giant parking lot or parking garage. I saw rusted and damaged bikes still chained to whatever device, while others looked like they were left unlocked (only I discovered later the small concealed locking mechanism on the wheel). This example of the yellow bike is quintessential what one may think of Copenhagen with the plaster pale walls, cobblestones and quaint bench. Other personalities exemplify the dodgy nightlife, the natural environment of wicker baskets in conjunction with ivy covered walls, and still others offset the scene in a unique way from bold contrasts of color to quirky juxtapositions. It was hard to decide which of the almost 40 portraits created to post in this blog.

And to close the series with evening wear portraits illuminated mostly in the meat packing district.

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