A Hawaiian Layover

Got out of New England just in time! After landing in Hawaii, I had to call a company where I lived to mitigate the gigantic icicles (ice dams) that had formed from my roof to the ground in the days leading up to my departure.

Blue Ocean Inspiration

My social media posts: Mechanical problems with flight out of pvd. Deplaning and have to grab our carry-on from the small jet. Not sure how long the day will be to get to HNL. Glad i have padded my time! ... So all the flights to HNL are sold out today and I'm missing connection in Chicago. Will be there for tonight and on same flight to you (my friend Hope) tomorrow a day delayed so will have to make the most of the time since i depart on Wednesday. Darn. One day less of 80 degrees and sand.

boarding passes pvd to hnl

On February 24, 2015, I arrived in Honolulu a day later than my booking to start an adventure that had been in planning for several years and on my mind for more than a decade. As a college professor, one becomes eligible for a sabbatical after tenure and a certain number of years service. This requires a long process of developing a comprehensive proposal application for the opportunity that is granted by a committee. This benefit is intended to be a research and in my case a creative project. This series of blog posts will revisit the daily experiences and imagery.

Snowy scene at the airport. Will I get out?
Snowstorm on departure day

The 2015 winter had already been brutal with blizzards virtually every weekend for a length of time. When I first moved to the tiniest state in the union, I was told by many that it really didn't snow that much, but year after year the "only every 20 year snow" blanketed the state. I left my animals in the care of pet-sitters and embarked on a 40 day journey, 35 in Japan where I was able to experience winter, spring, and a bit of tropical summer like weather in Okinawa.

Hawaii was just a planned extended layover on my way to Japan. I had been able to visit Japan twice previously and knew that for this long trip I preferred to break up the really long flight into two legs. I purchased a round trip ticket to Honolulu and was able to visit a great friend from college with her family because they were stationed at the base. Then I used miles that I had intentionally accumulated for this trip to fly the round trip from Honolulu to Tokyo which is only an 8 hour trip instead of a 14 hour trip. I knew that my return would give me time to visit my friend (along with her husband, kids, and cute dog Max) and also begin to recover from jet lag.

Hope picked me up at the airport and we went on a little drive of the island. This was not my first experience in Hawaii, but the first time visiting this particular area. I had studied at the East-West Center at the University of Manoa a few years prior which was a preface to this sabbatical project as I learned so much about Japan in all of my professional development activities, site visits, and even a study abroad I conducted with 14 students a few years earlier.

The highlight of today was seeing a Turtle!

This was a really wonderful introduction to an adventure. We were able to swim in the glorious ocean, eat some yummy food, and then I made sure to have a good night's rest for my flight the next day.

Take a dip in the ocean!