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The art of accidental adventure is a philosophy that Val undertakes in all of her travels. She has been to Japan over extended periods between 2 and 5 weeks in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 including coordinating group experiences and another study abroad trip coming up in January 2018. She also coordinated a study abroad trip to London with about 15 students in 2007. Val loves to be the hostess and is a seasoned traveler really looking to share experiences with small groups as we adventure with her mantra - be a wonder wanderer. She's a good leader and makes sure to assess the situation at all times being very adaptable and an excellent problem solver in a crunch, ready to take a detour if the road ahead is too crowded, among other examples. Trips with Val will likely integrate city hubs with more rural experiences with artists, craftspeople, and potentially farmers as we quest to lead a 'wonder wanderful life' eating healthy and connecting with people at the local human level.

Unlike most tourist scenarios, Val will curate travel experiences for people interested in an off-the-beaten path structure with a knowledgeable guide that reinforces a creative, culturally immersive and respectful opportunity with an itinerary that emphasizes design, architecture, the arts, cultural heritage, and healthy living (in whatever locale we might be experiencing) from different views of stranger, tourist and even local/native. In some cases in order to have an authentic experience in a more restricted travel zone, she will do her best to coordinate with a seasoned and reputable agency to ensure a quality experience aligned with the philosophy of globetripping that is professionally managed for safety and security. This is the case for Cuba in May 2018.


You can expect to have an educational academic study abroad style coordinated experience without having to pay for academic credit or do homework, although Val invites all participants to submit work to this blog and a subsequent publication that will document all of our experiences, individually and collectively. If you would like to add on to your travel experience for a coaching session or project based guidance, please contact me to work out the details.


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