November 2018



I selected kitakata as the next stop on this adventure as a slightly farther north destination on the train in between time in Tokyo and Kanazawa on the Japan Sea. It's a relatively obscure place in terms of the tourist guide books but I'm really happy that I decided to visit. I ended up finding the industrial buildings so fascinating as this is a sake brewing farming community that I completely ventured off the recommended walking area on the tourist map. The late afternoon was gray and dramatically cloudy. I had several hours to meander in the morning before catching the train so I found the gardens to be delectable. There were also people beginning to prep their plants, trees, gardens for the winter with the traditional method of creating bamboo and rope barriers for snow.


kitakata shrine
kitakata shrine woodwork
kitakata crane
kitakata a pop of color
kitakata purple berries
kitakata fall foliage
kitakta gardens
kitakta home garden
kitakata hydrangea
kitakata prep for winter
kitakata vines pattern
kitakata front garden
kitakata pink
kitakata gardening community
kitakata fall foliage texture
kitakata huge chrysanthemum
kitakata gardening
kitakata cloudy sunshine
kitakata wabi sabi golden
kitakata lines
kitakata shapes
kitakata cloudy sunset
kitakata wabi sabi signage
kitakata best lines
kitakata dusk
kitakata yellow shapes
kitakata dusk
kitakata more lines
kitakata blue hue
kitakata wabi sabi sign
kitakata dusk
kitakata wabi sabi white
kitakata wabi sabi sky
kitakata white with clouds
kitakata wabi sabi crop
kitakata wabi sabi metal
kitakata window wabi sabi
kitakata signs and lines
kitakata vine patter
kitakata gardening
kitakata fields
kitakata hydrangeas
kitakata berries
kitakata flowers