November 2018


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Kanazawa is a lovely mid-size city that still maintains a traditional Geisha district albeit smaller than Kyoto. It also has a very well maintained Samurai district, an amazing castle on a hill, a large sprawling Japanese Garden, excellent museums, and an easily-accessible fish market that provides a glimpse into the daily life of this city. You arrive at the train station to be welcomed by a modern version of a Torii gate. The bus system runs on two loops so make sure you get on a bus that's clearly marked. It's worth spending at least two days at a slow pace wandering around.

kanazawa fish market morning prep
kanazawa fish market
kanazawa fish market daily prep
kanazawa fish market morning routine
kanazawa fish market
featuring crabs
kanazawa fish market the other story
wabi sabi signage
Japanese garden
Japanese garden
nature details
nature details
hydrangea details
shrine gate
flower details
beautiful tree
samurai district rainy day
the other side of the story
iron work details
Japanese Garden at night
Japanese garden at night
Japanase Garden at night
Garden lantern at night

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