January 2014



DUBLIN IS life and love, a slow pace, an embrace. Dublin is old friends reuniting huddled in cozy clusters in warm spaces, is neighbors standing four stories strong shoulder to shoulder bracing from the wind around their corners, and jovial doorways side by side. Dublin is long shadows on glistening streets, flames in a heart-shaped hearth, twinkling lights spread across the night sky and in the hands of children in Gaiety.  Dublin is slow dark mornings, clear crisp days and long evenings, breakfast until 3pm, early bird specials, organic burgers, gourmet plates, curry-to-go, stew to fill, fists full of pints and shepard's pie in a snug. Dublin is lingering, gazing, lolly-gagging, reminiscing and dreaming of a new day. - January 13, 2014 ©V.Sloan

New year's eve Dublin
irish winterland
winter evening streets
ireland latenight
evening angles and light
off the beaten path
remember love
love forever dublin
live and love dublin
ireland doors
figure ground four
geometry and organic
nature creeps in
grids, numbers, logo, type delight