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CUBA, MAY 2018

This is potentially a dream come true for Val and hopefully those of you in the creative and educational arenas. Our southern neighbors have been off-limits from us for a very long time. Travel restrictions are still in flux under the current political climate. This opportunity is an all inclusive educational experience that will take our group thru Havana and into the countryside for a total of 8 days and is coordinated through an international educational tour company with reputable service and knowledge for boots on the ground day to day ensuring a quality experience. We'll meet the locals including artists - photographer, landscape painter, writer. We'll tour the city of Havana and experience more rural areas for a comprehensive view.

In a post Hurricane Irma situation where the country including the city of Havana was hit full force, bringing much needed tourism travel economic investment into this culturally wealthy country is one way to give back and make connections on a local human level with the Cuban people. The entire trip is coordinated and the price includes airfare, accommodations, food, tour guides, transportation on site, and any other fees except the Visa, tip for the tour guide (approx 100) and spending money. Even though it's a strict itinerary, there will be time for us if we want to stop along our route for pictures, linger to ask questions, etc.

Please note that there are restrictions in place by the Cuban government. You will not be allowed to venture on your own and it is highly frowned upon to leave the hotel at night without the group outing to explore. You could be fined or worse jailed. The tour company will aide in attaining Visas but it is up to each individual traveler to make sure that you do so in a timely manner to be able to participate in this trip.

It is recommended that you pack lightly. There will be several days where we need to put our bags on and off of a tour bus. It is important also to remember that we are strangers and tourists invading this culturally rich place that has had economic sanctions imposed by our country for many years, but the goal is not to rush in and take selfies to post on instagram it is rather to learn about the community, meet locals, eat meals and even learn the language.


COST - ALL INCLUSIVE, except VISA, tips, and personal spending

$5233 (may be reduced with number of participants or promotional discounts)

travel coordinated from Boston. small fee to change departure airport. If a large number of participants are closer to another airport we will discuss altering this aspect of the trip.



- Meet with Faculty and Students at the University of Havana. Engage in discussions about access to education, available subjects, university resources, and preparation for post-education careers

- Visit a Children's Community Project


  • Governor’s Palace

  • Palacio del Segundo Cabo

  • Castillo de la Real Fuerza

  • Plaza de San Francisco

- Participate in a discussion about private enterprise in Cuba at a local restaurant and organic farm

- Visit the Muraleando Community Project. Discuss the impact of art on communities with the artist and his students


Travel to Mayabeque Province

Interact with members of the Las Terrazas community

Engage in a discussion with a local naturalist

Meet with a local landscape artist

Participate in a workshop at Zapata National Park

  • Discuss the importance of diverse ecosystems and the need for conservation efforts in swampy areas

Attend a performance by the Cienfuegos Orchestra

  • Discuss cultural influences in classical music with the performers

Participate in a hike and nature talk in El Cubano Park

Travel to Trinidad

Engage with a local photographer and horse whisperer

Take a walking tour of Cienfuegos

Visit an art school

  • Discuss the role of music and dance in social expression

Travel to Remedios

Meet with Bici-Taxi private owners

Learn about the sugar industry at a former sugar mill

Play a game and interact with a local sports team

MAY 18-25, 2018

Note that dates may change slightly. Departure window is May 18 thru the 21st. Returning 8 days later at some point during Memorial Day weekend.


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