May 2016



I traveled to Copenhagen in the late spring, early summer of 2016 where the temps were quite warm and the sun was delightfully vibrant. Stir Copenhagen is an organized travel experience by Stephanie Gray that emphasizes sensory investigation of place. Her approach to travel and experience in place is similar to mine in some ways so I really wanted a chance to go to a place like this in a group that was focusing on design and architecture. Once the program was over and I had a solid sense of the land, I spent an additional three days walking all over the city. On my final day which was a Wednesday (and free admission day), I went to 5 museums and galleries from the morning until late at night when the sun was still shining. Copenhagen is considered one of the happiest places on the planet. There were people everywhere enjoying the company of their friends, eating and drinking in public spaces. Some highlights for me were stumbling on a graffiti mural in action outside of the Christiantown perimeter as well as all of the bicycles. Most of my photographs feature portraits of these amazing industrial objects as they represent the people of this place and the unique moments in time that I walked by - the colors, the shadows, the lines, textures and patterns are just things that make my heart flutter. It’s a good addiction to walkabout on a hunt for visual forms and interesting compositions. It makes me a better designer and a better person to be able to experience these other cultures.

Please take note of the photo collages that I also created with the material from this experience.

I blogged about this trip on my website Globetripping. I also wrote several articles and designed a coinciding magazine which you can purchase or just view below.

cellphones on a stoop
cellphones in a fountain
cellphones on a train
cellphones on a seat
cellphones on the street
cellphone on a bench
cellphone in a museum
portrait bike 1
portrait bike 2
portrait bike 3
Contemporary Commentary 1
herzog street view 1
herzog raw 2
urban env design
design museum exhibition
design ephemera
a montage spontaneity
urban env design 2